Brand New Layout!!

Welcome to the brand new layout here at, i must say of the year we’ve been online this is by far the best design we’ve ever had. It is courtsey of my dear sweet friend Stephen whom i have worked closely with for numerous years now!

In addition to the new design i’m thrilled to announce the website is now responsive, meaning the website is now optimized for mobile and tablet devices, so check the website out on your phone and tablets and let us know what you think!!

Be sure to reach out to us on Twitter if you see any errors, and just to tell us how much you love it!

WATCH NOW: Steve’s Gettin’ Smelly…..

Steve’s been on vocal rest following what appears to be an infection so he has taken time to fulfill some of his KickStarter duties, and he’s been updating us!! Watch the two videos below from yesterday and today!!


During World Pride in Canada late last month, Steve was interviewed on CTV’s eTalk, check out the interview below!

Steve Updates Us On The Album

Check out the update Steve did on his album yesterday to all the pledges that put money fourth to his album!

June was awesome!!!

I got to perform with my new band in nine cities, while continuing to record vocals for the album. Thanks to all of you who came out and expressed your love and support in-person! I believe that our journey is just beginning, so I hope to keep seeing many of you on the road for years to come!

As I mentioned in the last update, I’m still planning to have another single out this summer, followed by the full album this fall.

In the meantime, I know that many of you have been patiently waiting for your Kickstarter rewards. Although I can’t send you the actual album until it’s done, we are working very hard (and making real progress) on getting something out to most of you real soon. In fact, we’ve already sent items to backers who selected these rewards:

Be a Part of the Dream
I’ll “STAY” with You Forever
Take the Clothes Off My Back
Get Amped
Before the end of July, we’ll be sending out a lot more. Here’s what is going out this month…

Get the Record – Signed Thank-You Note
Frame Me – 8×10 Autographed Photo
Wear Your Pride on Your Sleeve – T-Shirt
Go Retro – T-Shirt
Decorate – Limited Edition Poster
Get Credit – T-Shirt
Get Answers – T-Shirt
Get “Extra” Special Treatment – Limited Edition Poster
Be My Co-Star – Limited Edition Poster
Be My Inspiration – Limited Edition Poster
Take the Stage – Limited Edition Poster
Get Amped – Limited Edition Poster
Be My “All-American Boy” Tonight – Limited Edition Poster
Let Me Serenade You – Limited Edition Poster
Let Me Serenade You in 2015 – Limited Edition Poster
The two groups of backers who will NOT be getting something in the mail in July are:

Get the Record IRL – Your thank-you note and CD will be mailed together when the album is released
I Draw You with Smelly Markers – Unfortunately, I need to wait until after the album comes out to complete these 187 drawnings…I’m sorry :((( but it will be worth the wait! :)))
We’ve tried to balance our desire to get items in your hands as soon as possible with the substantial additional cost of mailing multiple items at different times. So most of you will get *something* in the mail real soon (if you haven’t already).

Thanks for all your continued confidence in me. Stay tuned, our journey is just beginning!

And keep on being good to yourselves and each other, out there!!! :)))



WATCH NOW: Interview on CP24

Steve was recently interviewed on CP24, a Canadian talk show.

They speak about Steve’s opening performance at the launch of the ceremonies.

It is honestly so wonderful to see Steve on international television.

I am unable to embed the video but you can Click Here to be forwarded to the website to watch the video!

In the video Steve does mention that he is expecting a September release for his album!

Slow News….

I just wanted to post as a reminder that the site is still here and alive, News about Steve has been unusually slow, We’re approaching the one year anniversary of ‘All American Boy’, a year later and here we are. Steve is prepping his album release and doing several Pride Festivals (including one in Canada!!)

For all the latest news about his performances at these festicals be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. I will post when new dates become available or we have new information about singles or the album!

Steve Pushes Album Back

Steve posted a video online to update us all on the status of the album. Originally the album was expected to be released sometime this month. Steve is to much of a perfectionist to release just anything to us. It is clear that Steve wants nothing but the best for his fans, the supporters of his KickStarter campaign.

Fear not, it’s coming and it’s going to be amazing!!

Steve Sign Suicidal Teen’s Bowtie

Back in October of 2013 Jacob Stallman was 18 months removed from an aborted suicide attempt, when he had felt overwhelmed and isolated being a gay teenager in Tipton, . His life journey since then has led him to a point where he’s increasingly in demand as a speaker on the subjects of sexuality and bullying. After his sexuality became public, his mother, Tania McAtee, started working to stop bullying in Tipton and beyond. But after she spoke at a school board meeting, McAtee said she received a death threat against her son. But mother and son marched forward. Stallman became the first male cheerleader in Tipton High School history. He and his mother’s work earned recognition from the Matthew Shepard Foundation. The group is named after a gay college student who was beaten and left tied to a fence post in Laramie, Wyo., in 1998. Two men were convicted of his murder, which was classified a hate crime.

Q: How did you get a bow tie autographed by Steve Grand?
A: It was before prom, and my mom asked me for one of my bow ties. Fun fact about Jacob: I have 39 bow ties. My mom is like an all-star on Twitter. And somehow she contacted Steve Grand, who is the only out country music singer. I don’t even listen to country music, but I love Steve Grand. Then I get up one morning, and she calls me over to the computer. There’s this video from Steve Grand wishing me a good time at prom. It was completely amazing. Then my mom gave me the bow tie back — I had forgotten all about it — and it was autographed by Steve Grand

- Source

Loving Again (Lyrics)

It has been extremely quiet in the Steve Grand world recently. Steve is currently hard at work putting finishing touches on his debut album ‘All-American Boy’. I have a little treat for you. Last year whilst doing Pride events at a few select venues Steve performed this song. I am assuming it is called “Loving Again”, but it could also be “Keep Me (From Loving Again)”, or really any variation of those words. Click Here for those lyrics

The video above was filmed by us at Atlanta Pride last year, and i wanted to do something for the website since there was no news so i went ahead and typed up the lyrics. I spent a good bit of time doing so, but i can’t be positive the lyrics are 100% accurate. This is truly a wonderful song, hopefully it is included on the album.

Steve Thanks Fans After KickStarter

Steve has taken to Facbeook to thank all fans and supports of his upcoming album All-American Boy

My Dear GrandFam:

It’s Sunday. I’m back home in Chicago now. But I woke up in Louisiana, where I played the first-ever Acadiana Pride Festival last night. I was incredibly honored to be invited to participate in this important event, especially because there are still lots of places in this country where making our voices heard makes a real difference. It’s always so amazing to be with my fans — a reminder of what inspires me to get up every day and keep making music.

To that point … before I went to bed, I got to marvel at what you did in the final hours of our Kickstarter campaign. I hope you saw my video message to you.

In the end, 4,905 of you backed the project. You pledged a combined $326,593. You made it the No. 3 most-funded music project in Kickstarter’s history — and the No. 1 most-funded Kickstarter music project among musicians who have never been affiliated with a label. But most of all, you made it 100 percent clear to the world that united, we will make our voices heard. We will spread our message of love and inclusion to an even wider audience. And yes, as you said, we will change the world one song at a time.

What can I possibly say that sums up my feelings at this moment?!?!?!?

I’m overwhelmed. Grateful beyond measure. Truly moved by what you’ve done.

But instead of struggling to come up with my own words, I’d rather quote some of YOUR words. I was so moved by your comments that we created a poster that celebrates the spirit of this Kickstarter campaign — YOUR spirit — by capturing the beautiful ways YOU described YOUR vision of what we can achieve together. Nobody says it like GrandFam. And to quote one of you who said it so eloquently, “United we can. United we DID!”

Stay tuned, GrandFam. You’ve given me all the motivation I need to work my heart out for you. Nothing is more important to me than honoring the trust and love you’ve placed in me to tell honest stories, OUR stories, and to make a great album.

I can’t wait to see you on tour later this year and give every one of you a giant hug.

I love you!

In addition to this message, Steve also took to Facebook last night in the final hours of the campaign.

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