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Steve Thanks Fans After KickStarter
Mar 30th, 2014 by Dale, review this post...

Steve has taken to Facbeook to thank all fans and supports of his upcoming album All-American Boy

My Dear GrandFam:

It’s Sunday. I’m back home in Chicago now. But I woke up in Louisiana, where I played the first-ever Acadiana Pride Festival last night. I was incredibly honored to be invited to participate in this important event, especially because there are still lots of places in this country where making our voices heard makes a real difference. It’s always so amazing to be with my fans — a reminder of what inspires me to get up every day and keep making music.

To that point … before I went to bed, I got to marvel at what you did in the final hours of our Kickstarter campaign. I hope you saw my video message to you.

In the end, 4,905 of you backed the project. You pledged a combined $326,593. You made it the No. 3 most-funded music project in Kickstarter’s history — and the No. 1 most-funded Kickstarter music project among musicians who have never been affiliated with a label. But most of all, you made it 100 percent clear to the world that united, we will make our voices heard. We will spread our message of love and inclusion to an even wider audience. And yes, as you said, we will change the world one song at a time.

What can I possibly say that sums up my feelings at this moment?!?!?!?

I’m overwhelmed. Grateful beyond measure. Truly moved by what you’ve done.

But instead of struggling to come up with my own words, I’d rather quote some of YOUR words. I was so moved by your comments that we created a poster that celebrates the spirit of this Kickstarter campaign — YOUR spirit — by capturing the beautiful ways YOU described YOUR vision of what we can achieve together. Nobody says it like GrandFam. And to quote one of you who said it so eloquently, “United we can. United we DID!”

Stay tuned, GrandFam. You’ve given me all the motivation I need to work my heart out for you. Nothing is more important to me than honoring the trust and love you’ve placed in me to tell honest stories, OUR stories, and to make a great album.

I can’t wait to see you on tour later this year and give every one of you a giant hug.

I love you!

In addition to this message, Steve also took to Facebook last night in the final hours of the campaign.

Steve Grand Q&A With ChicagoPhoenix
Mar 26th, 2014 by Dale, review this post...

Steve recently sat down with a Q&A with ChicagoPhoenix, where he discusses a lot of different topics. There is one particular question (and answer) that really hit home for me.

What Can You Tell us About Your Album?
The album is going to be called All-American Boy, which is kind of an homage to my first big entrance onto the music scene. I also liked the idea of what it means to be “All-American.” My dad used to pat me and my brother on the head and say, “you’re just my all-American boy.” We played baseball and built tree houses and made go-karts and would race down the streets in the summer. We were Boy Scouts. I realized when I came out that people don’t think about a gay person being included in what it meant to be all-American. So one of my goals was to say, let’s expand this idea.

You can read the remainder of the interview by clicking here!!

Grandfam “Unites” in Final Days
Mar 26th, 2014 by Dale, review this post...

There are only 4 days left to donate to Steve’s “All-American Boy” album. He has already broken so many records, and is planning so many awesome things for his fans. Steve has one last request for you.

With four days left, fans are fueling a final-week push to make openly gay independent artist Steve Grand’s Kickstarter campaign finish strong. In a message to fans today, Steve encouraged fans to comment about their vision of what is possible in a united world.

“United we can stop hiding and be who we really are – whoever that may be,” said one fan.

“United, we can show the world what it means to have liberty and justice, FOR ALL,” said another.

“United we can create a more loving and accepting world! We are not only living in history but we are making it,” said a third.

The campaign to fund Steve’s debut album now has 3,800+ backers and has raised more than $254,000 – with 4 days to go. Today’s response mirrors the enthusiasm that Steve’s fans, known as GrandFam, have shown from the start of this campaign:

· Just 17 hours after the Feb. 26 launch, fans busted through Steve’s $81,000 goal.
· On March 6, the project became one of the top 10 most-funded music projects in Kickstarter’s history.
· On March 20, the project hit the top 5 most-funded music projects.

In a message to fans, Steve said:

“You’ve blown me away with your generosity! You’ve also made it clear that you have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for what we’ll do with this album. You want OUR MESSAGE of love and inclusion promoted to an even wider audience. You want to see this album compete on a playing field with artists backed by major labels. And you want to see us on tour in YOUR hometown. … Nothing is more important to me than honoring the faith you’ve placed in me to make a great album.”

If you donate an extra $10, you get a LIMITED EDITION Steve Grand “United” Bracelet! Donate now!!

Steve at Pridefest Milwaukee
Mar 10th, 2014 by Dale, review this post...

The first of the Summer shows are being announced, and this time Steve will be in Milwaukee. Look out for more promotional dates as the summer grows nearer.

PrideFest Milwaukee will feature Lisa Lampanelli, Sandra Bernhard, Macy Gray, Chad Michaels, Steve Grand, Mary Lambert, Bruce Vilanch, Big Freedia and more, according to an announcement from organizers released on March 10. The event will take place June 6-8 at Henry W. Maier Festival Park — the Summerfest grounds — on the Milwaukee lakefront. PrideFest is nation’s largest showcase of LGBT talent, according to organizers, who are promising headliners joined by nearly 100 national, regional and local performers on eight stages. “We truly believe PrideFest Milwaukee offers something for every visitor,” Kate Sherry, festival co-producer, said in a news release. “This year, we’re thrilled to host a dynamic mix of musical, comedy, and drag performances that reflects the diversity of LGBT culture and community. We’re honored to have access to such stunning talent — and our showcase continues to grow every day.”

The schedule includes:
• June 6: Bruce Vilanch, Chad Michaels.
• June 7: Steve Grand, Mary Lambert, Big Freedia, Macy Gray.
• June 8: Lisa Lampanelli, Sandra Bernhard.

Tickets for PrideFest Milwaukee go on sale March 14, with an option for festivalgoers to add $1 to the purchase price to benefit the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin, which has sued the state to overturn the constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage. Tickets are: $30 for a weekend pass, $13 per day in advance and $16 at the gate. VIP passes are $100 per day or $225 for the weekend. Organizers also are planning a design contest for the annual PrideFest Milwaukee T-shirt — rules will be announced on April 1.

New Layout!
Mar 5th, 2014 by Dale, review this post...

As i’m sure you can tell, Steve Grand Net has a brand spankin’ new layout! Made by Cristy! I figured it was time for a new one, with all the exciting things Steve has going on for us. Tell us what you think in the tagboard, We’d love to hear what you’d like to see on the site!!

“It’s Not An Album, It’s a Movement”
Mar 5th, 2014 by Dale, review this post...

Steve recently sat down to discuss his upcoming album, and the overwhelming support the LGBT community has given him!

Steve Grand can’t stop smiling. At this moment, it’s been less than 24 hours since he launched a Kickstarter campaign to independently fund his first full-length album, and his $81,000 goal has already been surpassed. “I’m still taking it all in,” he says. “I knew my fans would come through for me, but I never could’ve imagined it would be so quickly.” Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time Grand has found himself overwhelmed by an outpouring of online support. His debut music video, “All-American Boy,” which boldly depicted a story of unrequited love in the form of a same-sex crush, went viral shortly after he uploaded it to YouTube July 2. Within days the video had racked up more than 1.5 million views and the singer-songwriter found himself in the guest seat of several high-profile media outlets, including Good Morning America, CNN, and Out magazine. But despite his growing fan base (his GrandFam, as he affectionately calls them), the Chicago native insists his rising star is as much a product of his music as it something larger.

“It’s not just about the album, it’s a movement,” he says of the impressive response to his crowdfunding effort, which has now raised more than $160,000. “I think a small pocket of people feel like I’m helping the voice [of LGBT people] be heard, and they’re making a statement by supporting the record.” LGBT people deeply desire to see their stories reflected in pop culture. It’s a message the 24-year-old says became clear shortly after his debut single went viral, and the stories he heard from fans moved by his music were in turn moving him. “One of the first stories that touched my heart was from a gentleman named Tyler,” Grand says. “He took a picture of himself with a message that said something like, ‘I’ve waited the better part of my life for someone like you to come around,’ and he thanked me for telling a story that is unique to us as gay men.”

But the singer who is now blazing a trail as country music’s gay all-American boy wasn’t always able to raise his voice with pride. From an early age Grand says he often felt like he didn’t fit in, but the reason he sensed he was different didn’t become clear until an unforgettable five-hour car ride home after a few weeks away at Boy Scout summer camp. “Over that last week when I was at camp, I found myself drawn to a particular camp counselor,” he says. “I was 13 years old and he was probably around 17. While I was there I wanted to be around him and spend time with him. It wasn’t until I left that I felt this horrible ache, this emptiness in my heart, and this intense longing. I thought about that the whole ride home because it was something so new and so intense for me. Somewhere along that ride it occurred to me, I think I love this guy. I’m gay.” Raised as a Catholic to believe homosexuality is a sin, Grand’s epiphany unlocked a spring of self-hatred. It was a feeling that was amplified after he came out to his parents and was sent to a Christian counselor with the hope that his sexuality could be cured.

“I was not in what is known as ‘conversion therapy’ or ‘ex-gay therapy,’ but I was seeing a Christian therapist and my parents did send me to him with the intention that my sexuality was something that could be changed,” Grand says, clarifying previous inaccurate reports that the singer had undergone so-called reparative therapy in his youth. “Of course we all know the idea that you can change your sexuality is a total farce, and even when I was trying to change there was a part of me that knew it would never work. [By the time I was in high school] I had kissed a boy and by senior year I was dating a guy, even while I was still going to my therapist. It was a difficult time because I was going through an identity crisis.” Today, Grand says the shame he once felt about his sexuality is a thing of the past. Though he says it’s clear the negative messages he received from his family and faith contributed to his feelings of self-loathing in his youth, he doesn’t hold a grudge.

“I’m so proud of my family for how far they’ve come,” he says, noting that his family members are now his biggest supporters. “They’ve done a complete 180. It’s really brought us closer as a family.” Grand also feels the trials he endured before accepting himself as a gay man are now part of the reason he is driven to raise his voice as an LGBT advocate. In addition to being outspoken though his music, the singer has also partnered with numerous equality organizations including Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, the Anti-Violence Project, and the Human Rights Campaign. “I think when you’ve come a long way in life, you have a sort of fearlessness,” he says. “I spent so much of my youth being afraid of not being accepted, that I wouldn’t be loved, afraid that I was wrong in the eyes of God and to overcome all that is a really big deal. I’ll never minimize that.”

His latest single and music video, “Back to California,” continues Grand’s tradition of writing and performing songs from the perspective of a young gay man and provides a sneak peek at what fans can expect to hear from the artist’s upcoming album. But while Grand says he’s proud to join the chorus of voices who are fighting to bring visibility to the experiences of LGBT people, he knows he can’t speak for the entire community. “Not all gay people are the same,” he says. “I think that’s what people are waking up to and that’s a sign of progress right there. We come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and cultural backgrounds. No one person should ever represent the entire gay community. I certainly don’t. But I read messages every day from people all over the world who have responded to my story and tell me how my music made them not feel so alone. So even if I just represent a small pocket of people, I’m good with that.”

With his crowdfunding goal surpassed, Grand plans to use the additional support to take his message even further and prove there is a desire to see out LGBT artists in today’s popular music landscape. “The original $81,000 was enough to fund my record and put my album out there. That was the minimum and I didn’t want to ask for more,” he says. “But record companies spend millions producing and promoting an album. So I say let’s get on their playing field and make this have that big of an impact.” Still smiling, he adds that the cash he’s received will be well spent. “I’m not even renewing the lease on my apartment. I’m just going to live in my parents’ basement, write music, and this summer I’m going to be touring,” he says. “All I want to do is make great music that touches people and continue to tell honest stories.”

Steve’s Album Fully Funded in 17 Hours!!
Feb 28th, 2014 by Dale, review this post...

Well Granfam, we’ve done it! Steve’s album has been FULLY funded in 17 hours, he still has an ENTIRE month to go, so hopefully we can fund some great perks, like a proper tour. Here’s the press release.

Just yesterday, Steve Grand — whose same-sex music video “All-American Boy” went viral last summer — launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $81K in a month to fund his first album. But as of today, fans have already pledged $118K, and that number is rising by the minute. This is truly a story of a grassroots movement in support of an openly gay independent artist making it on his own without a label.

Within 24 hours, Steve’s Kickstarter project had been shared roughly 9,000 times on Facebook, and more than 1,600 private consumers had stepped up to fund his dream. In less than two days, Steve’s Kickstarter has become one of only 32 out of 27,000+ music projects in Kickstarter’s history to successfully realize $100,000 or more in funding.

So why are thousands of private individuals donating their own money to make one young man’s dream come true? Steve’s message that a good love song is a good love song regardless of the sexual orientation of the singer and lyrics is resonating with a growing movement defining “gay” as mainstream. One backer commented on the project, “Love you, and love what you said about believing that expressions of love in art can’t be trumped by a damn pronoun. Amen!”

Early on, backers started commenting that GrandFam — the term Steve uses for his fans — should aim to fund the project in its entirety to show the world that there is, indeed, a market for music telling their truth. Fans started sharing messages with each other such as, “New Goal: Get the project completed (sic) funded by the end of the day. I believe we can do it!”

As the amount funded continues to grow, so does the fan connection and excitement, with quotes ranging from, “Let’s do this!” to “This will fund!!!! Steve, I am here to help make sure it happens.”

Steve himself was astonished by the overwhelming support.

“My fans have done it again,” Steve said. “They’re a game changer. They’ve been the driving force at every step in my career, from making ‘All-American Boy’ go viral to making this record possible. I am amazed and grateful. This is truly a grassroots movement.”

Steve added: “Now that we’ve reached our original goal, we can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that this album is definitely going to be made. But there’s really no limit on how high we can fly, if we have the money to market and promote the album properly.”

Steve Launches “All-American Boy” Album Campaign
Feb 26th, 2014 by Dale, review this post...

Not only did we get a brand new music video today, but we also now have the opportunity to help Steve record his album. The album which will seemingly be titled “All-American Boy” has a Kickstarter goal of 81,000$ and at the time of writing (hours after it has been launched) it has $52,504 (and after each refresh it goes up) which are fantastic numbers, Steve is sure to exceed his goal so hopefully any extra money can get his a good Radio Promotional tour (OR MAYBE A DELUXE VERSION **HINT, HINT**). There are several different packages available, You can donate anywhere from 1$ to 5,000$, and each price bracket comes with an exciting Steve Grand exclusive item including props from his music videos for “Stay” and “All-American Boy”.

Please Click Here and check out the campaign and please donate anything you can. So far confirmed tracks are “All-American Boy”, “Stay”, “Back To California”, “Whiskey Smiles”, and “Say You Love Me”. Several more are expected to be recorded. The goal isn’t but 30,000$ away so it is safe to say that we can expect this album in early May!

Steve Debut’s “Back To California”
Feb 26th, 2014 by Dale, review this post...


Back when we interviewed Steve back in October he spoke about “Back To California”, Here’s what he had to say about it

Yeah there’s this one song I have that’s called “Back to California”, it’ll probably be on whatever I release next. I’m really excited to release that one. It’s probably my favorite song I’ve written. It won’t have as wide of appeal of “Stay” or “All-American Boy” but I’m very proud of it it’s defiantly very honest song I wrote it very quickly it’s almost a stream of conscientiousness, it talks about a lot of things and it’s very deep and personal for me, I’m looking forward to putting that song out there, and seeing what response I get

Well now we have the song and another amazing music video and song to add to our lists.

You can download Steve’s brand new single “Back To California” on iTunes, Amazon, or for free at Bandcamp

New Message From Steve
Jan 27th, 2014 by Dale, review this post...

Steve has been a very busy man. Yesterday he posted a message to his fans on his Facebook. He explains what he has been up to since the release of ‘Stay’, and what it is we can look forward to.

Its been a while since I’ve filled you guys in on what has been going on with me (most all of it has been behind-the-scenes stuff) so I’d like to do that now. In a nutshell, I have more on my plate at this moment than I ever have. I am in the middle of recording my first full length record which (depending on if I can raise the funds needed) will be out in May. I’ve also been busy planning and making the arrangements to produce my 3rd music video for a brand new song (which should be released some time in February). And, in order for all of this to happen, I am working out all of the details of my kickstarter campaign, including creating and editing the video for it, which I am doing all on my own. The release of my album will be contingent on the success of the campaign (which will launch some time next month as well).

Last month I found a producer who I really clicked with and we’ve been busy ever since, recording and editing the songs that I’ve written over the last several years. I’m more excited about the prospect of getting this album out into the world than I’ve been about anything in my life… and sharing it with you is the part I look forward to most. I swear to you, I’m putting every last bit of heart and soul, and time and energy into making the next chapter of this journey as special and as meaningful as you guys deserve.
Next week I am flying out to mix the first 4 tracks. Thanks to you guys for the contributions you’ve already made, I’ve been able to get this far, and will be able to complete the first 4 songs that will be on my record! I am so grateful for that!

I wanted to share all of this with you because, through reading your comments and messages and emails and tweets (which I read and respond to all on my own), I’ve noticed more and more of you asking “what’s going on? where have you been.” I want to assure you I am working every. single. day. with almost no exceptions to bring you guys the next chapter of this incredible journey we’ve been on. I can’t wait to share with you everything I’ve been working so hard on. This has just been the very beginning… and not a day goes by that I don’t feel incredible gratitude to have all of you a part of this with me.

I apologize to those of you I have missed in my effort to respond to as many messages, comments, tweets, emails as I possibly can. I wish I could give each one of you a big hug and look you in the eyes and say “thank you.” I want you to know that not for one second do I take you for granite… you have changed my life. Just remember that I am just one person, and I am doing the very best I can on top of everything else that requires my attention.

There is so much on its way I can’t wait to be able to share this next chapter of what has already been an incredible journey with you! I promise to only give you my very best.

Thank you for your kindness, your patience, and for making everything that has happened over the last 7 months possible.

Love you all so much!

peace and love to you,


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